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A traditional food has pain and inflammation reducing effects similar to ibuprofen?

Modern scientists from Italy, Spain, USA, and Australia continue to study the chemical and medicinal properties of one of the most interesting proven attributes of EVOO which is its ability to reduce pain and inflammation. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, (EVOO) provides supplemental nutrition vital to fight health problems including certain types of cancer, cholesterol, heart disease, arthritis and even pain management. Studies from Spain indicate that leaner body weight is associated with high consumption and is an important factor in reducing or preventing a variety of chronic conditions. Ongoing studies in Spain are focused on how quality oils may offer relief from some types of depression associated with “bad fats”.

The potent antioxidants are known as phenolic compounds. Oleocanthol, an antioxidant which has very similar properties to ibuprofen inhibits the cyclooxygenase enzyme (a.k.a. Cox) which causes inflammation and pain. People seeking to avoid the many side effects of prescription pain relievers may find some relief by simply eating a healthier diet including liberal use. Other ongoing studies link the pungent and peppery taste directly to phenols (anti-oxidants).

In Spain in 2005, an international conference on healthy effects documented improved cardiovascular health and additional longevity as a direct result of Mediterranean diets.

Other benefits include reduced total cholesterol and increased high density cholesterol (HDL-C), providing a protective effect on our blood vessels.  Cells become more sensitive to insulin, helping to prevent Metabolic Syndrome. Metabolic Syndrome increases risks for diabetes, obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure. Recent research confirms that these compounds have the ability to repress activities in our genes that produce the type of inflammation at the root of coronary heart disease. These phenolic compounds help to reduce our body’s production of leukotrienes and thromboxanes which are inflammatory chemicals and perhaps most impressively, these compounds have been proven to reduce oxidized LDL cholesterol.

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Cardiovascular disease is responsible for nearly 30% of all deaths worldwide and while statistics can be interpreted in many ways, doctors and the scientific community at large generally agree that regular (daily) use of premium quality extra virgin olive oil can reduce, by over 30%, many of the risk factors associated with coronary and/or heart disease. Green leafy vegetables contain micro nutrients including potassium & folate which are known to lower homocysteine which is believed to cause damage to inner artery linings. Diets higher in potassium generally result in lower blood pressure which helps the cardiovascular system in many ways.

There remains much talk about traditional “Mediterranean diets”

Rich in vegetables and monounsaturated fats from olive oil and nuts, but low in saturated fat from meat and dairy.  The Mediterranean diet has been linked repeatedly to a decreased risk of heart disease.

One study showed (rather graphically) that a group who ate Mediterranean diets for just 3 months,  had better blood chemistry, suggesting better heart health. They showed fewer markers of inflammation and oxidative damage, in part due to a reduced expression of the genes known to influence these specific harmful processes.  Another group in the same study were given olive oil with even higher polyphenol counts, where the results were even more pronounced, leading researchers to believe the polyphenols are responsible for these benefits.