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  • Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Mild) IOO024 Chile

  • Arbosana Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Medium) IOO176 Chile

  • Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Robust) IOO510 Chile

  • Don Carlo Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Robust) IOO953 South Africa

  • Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Mild) IOO273 Australia

  • Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Robust) IOO511 Chile


We know how important it is for you and your family to source the freshest, finest and original Extra Virgin Olive Oils at great everyday prices!

And to top it off, The Redstone Advantage ensures that you get to enjoy the subtle nuances and all the finest flavors that olive oil has to offer. When making Extra Virgin Olive Oil for our customers, we source the best, freshest and ripest olives from Spain, Greece, Italy and California. The olives from these areas are harvested from August to October. While the Olive crops grown by our partners in Tunisia, Chile and Australia are harvested in April and May. And no matter where we get our olives from, you can rest assured that they were collected before falling to the ground, ensuring their freshness and ripeness. When you buy Traditional Olive Oils with us, you can rest assured that we don’t leave olives to rest for more than 3 hours and process them for oil within this time frame. This ensures that the olives don’t oxidize and lose their nutrients. We have specialty stores in many of the world’s olive markets. Our growers pick and crush their best olives exclusively for us and are paid well for the job. They hand pick olives before the main harvest even begins, then continue to crush and package these for us, shipping them to our offices within hours of picking.

The Promise of Great Taste

What would you like today? There is an olive oil for everyone, and we have your favorite! How about trying one of our traditional olive oils with a robust flavor for something full and rich on the palate with a delicate kick of spice? Or maybe partner your bread with the Koroneiki to make a delectable snack for one? We have plenty of appetizing options for you to choose from so take your pick and give yourself and your family the advantage of healthy, flavorsome traditional olive oil.

The Secret to Excellent Health

Our Traditional olive oils retain the healthy attributes of the olives to a great extent. For example, these healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oils contain anti oxidants and good fat in high levels, testifying to the quality of olives used in their production. In fact, several Redstone Olive Oil selections earned awards in prestigious international olive oil competitions during the Spring 2013!

Banish The Buzz Words And Taste The Real Thing!

Here at Redstone, we give you our promise of the best traditional olive oil that money can buy. Period! Certain olive oil sellers use terms like “first pressed”, “Cold pressed” and “bottling dates” etc. These terms are highly unreliable and often indicative of an oil producer more interested in selling the image of a product rather than the product itself. We sell you our olive oil on the bases of freshness and nutrition, and both these things pretty much speak for themselves! And to top it off our customers enjoy extraordinary value as compared to those buying popular grocery store brands. Redstone Olive Oil delivers on its promise… always! Call us at 435-628-1388 to learn more about our Traditional Olive Oils or to place an order. Read more HERE