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There is nothing like our great tasting gourmet oils to really enhance the flavors of your gourmet meal. We present a beautiful selection of imported extra virgin olive oils, sesame oils, truffle oils and walnut oils from Japan, France and many other parts of the world.

Featuring bold, sweet and delightful flavors that reflect in every drop of our gourmet oils, we bring you the best selection at very competitive prices.

International Gourmet Oils Complete With Our Guarantee of Great Taste

The Redstone Gourmet oils not only taste great but also promote health and vitality. This is why these have been used since time immemorial for great tasting meals in different parts of the world. We bring their specialties to you at great prices to ensure that you keep coming back for more. Let’s learn a bit more about the Redstone Gourmet Oils:


  • Or you can try our Dark Toasted Japanese Sesame Oil for light and easy flavor. Pair it up with the Honey Ginger White Balsamic Vinegar for an explosive flavor that is healthy too.
  • Our Black Truffle Oil have a powerful flavor and aroma. Use them sparingly to add a wonderful earthiness to your mashed potatoes, vegetables, steaks or other snacks such as French fries, chicken, corn on the cob, and even popcorn.
  • The Oro Bailen Gourmet Olive Oil has won hundreds of awards and accolades for being the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil, not only in Spain but across the world. The International Oil council awarded Oro Bailen the first prize for its Intense Green Fruitiness. While the gourmet olive oil has also been awarded the title of The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil several times by the Spanish Ministry of Environment.

Distinctive Flavors and Incredible Quality

It is important to source the finest-possible ingredients if you are looking to cook up an incredible meal. Our gourmet oils are not just for professional chefs and same stands true of our olive oils. These are very easy to use and good enough to enhance the flavor of your dishes. Also, our gourmet oils pair up exceptionally well with the Redstone Olive Oil Balsamic Vinegars.

At Redstone Olive Oil, we work hard to source the best culinary resources for you and these gourmet oils are a testament to our dedication to that cause! We offer delightful prices that are hard to match and amazing taste coupled with extraordinary quality to keep you coming back for more. Try all the flavors, couple them with your salad or use them for cooking, chances are that you’ll love every single one of our gourmet oils and the gourmet olive oils for their unique flavors. Some of our all organic Gourmet oils are sold seasonally, while others are sold all year around.

It’s easy to place an order via the website, jus select and add your favorite products to the cart and follow the process. Or you can call us up at 435-628-1388 so we can assist you in selecting the finest gourmet oils or to create customized gift baskets for your friends and loved ones. We look forward to hearing from you.