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Organic hand-crafted pasta

The Redstone Advantage

We promise to deliver on the most delectable hand-crafted pastas made with the freshest ingredients. Our products are made fresh by combining whole food purees, premium spices, and freshest garden herbs into our egg-free Durum Wheat. Every batch is mixed with pureed organic whole foods, depending on the flavor and color required.

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Redstone Hand-crafted Pasta

Our pasta tastes amazing! And why shouldn’t it! The Redstone handcrafted Italian pasta is made the same way they have made pasta in Italy for hundreds of years. Made with the same painstakingly careful method, our pasta is crafted under lower temperatures and left to dry for longer. We only use the top quality ingredients i.e. the absolute best semolina, so you can enjoy the hearty, healthy pasta that Italy is known for.
We are so pleased to offer you our version that has all the taste and none of the bad cholesterol that the usual supermarket pastas do.

Not all pasta is created equal!

Did you know that Italians eat 4 times more pasta than Americans and yet they are a lot fitter and healthier? Some say the secret is this hand Crafted Pasta!
After all nothing can be a better reminder of Italy than then steaming pasta topped off with your favorite sauces. Here at Redstone, we offer you the highest quality Made in America pastas that are hand made by our local craftsmen with a unique understanding and experience of pasta-making.

Award-winning pasta: Now Available!

Yes, we are talking about the Organic Marella Pasta, a Silver Sofi Award Winner for “Outstanding Product Line”.
Organic Marella & Pozzo del Re, the colorful pasta counterpart, is made in the heart of Puglia in the province of Bari, in Italy. Made in a family-oriented artisanal factory, the pasta is crafted using locally-grown hard wheat (durum). The pasta is then dried at a low temperature for three to four days, creating uniquely flavored, beautifully textured pasta that carries the taste of Italy.
The Pastaficio Marella is especially loved by kids because of the different pasta shapes and colors. This fun pasta is actually put together from the “leftovers” of other cuts of pasta. In line with the Italian tradition, the leftovers from uncooked pastas are mixed together. Well-liked by kids and adults alike, this pasta is perfect for creating create a fun and cheery atmosphere at the dinner table! This fun, colorful pasta is a best seller.
Pasta by Marella uses only the highest quality, local grain varieties and is ICEA certified organic.

So go ahead and place your order online. Alternatively, you can call us at (435) 628-1388 and we’ll guide you towards the best selection for your particular tastes.

Eat Pasta – Live Better!