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blood orange agrumato olive oil
blood orange agrumato olive oil nutrition facts
Blood Orange Fused Olive Oil

Blood Orange Fused Olive Oil

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Whole fruit fused and incredibly potent in both flavor and health benefits. As the blood oranges are crushed with the olives, the fusion of the earthy olive meets the sweet nature of the fruit combining the essential oils creating a sweet oil with a light and pleasant floral finish

Product Information

A potent and fruity fused olive oil!  The blood orange agrumato olive oil is a very unique oil containing both extra virgin olive oil and the essential oils from fresh Tunisian blood oranges.  Blood orange essential oils carry many health benefits anywhere from anti-inflammatory properties to antiseptic characteristics.  This unique and delicious oil goes well on fish, chicken, and especially in dark chocolate brownies.

Agrumato (Fused) vs. Infused

Agrumato is a technique used in the oil extraction process.  In this process, the olives and fruit are pressed in the same barrel and all of the oil, including the extra virgin olive oil as well as the essential oils from the fruit are extracted.  This method produces a high quality flavored olive oil in a one step process. Infusion is a technique used after the oil extraction process.  The olives are pressed alone and an extra virgin olive oil is extracted.  Then, an all natural extract is added to produce the flavored oil in a two step process.  This process is favorable when using flavors of an easily perishable item such as basil or chipotle.


Blood orange agrumato olive oil

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