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Soothing Balm Lemon Scented Tea Tree 60g
Soothing Balm Lemon Scented Tea Tree 60g

Soothing Balm Lemon Scented Tea Tree 60g

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Our Soothing Balm Lemon Scented Tea Tree 60g features Australian-sourced Scented Tea Tree Oil, recognized for its antiviral and antibacterial benefits and registered with the TGA. Blended with our unscented base for a soothing experience, you won't find a better choice!

No coloring agents or additives are used. So when you get that scratch from working in the garden  in the household chores just apply a little to the affected area and it will help the healing process and act as a mild disinfectant. Others use the balm to help calm the effects of insect bites; such a versatile product.

  • The core ingredient of our balm is extra virgin olive oil
  • Olive oil is full of the nutrients  that are required to keep your skin healthy- Vitamins A, E and K, naturally occurring squalene, anti-oxidants and polyphenols
  • Olive oil is ideal for the skin. The ingredients in olive oil work in harmony with your skin to strengthen its natural barrier. It contains a combination of sebum (the natural oils in your skin) and micro-flora (a healthy bacteria).
  •  When you apply our olive oil-based balm, it is absorbed quickly as the chemistry of the skin is similar to the chemistry of olive oil.
  • Instead of sitting on top of your skin, as many chemically based balms do, the nutrients are quickly absorbed by the skin 
  • The result is nourished and hydrated skin that repairs quickly.