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Use our condiments to season or sauce up your dishes, or serve them as a side dish on their own with some fresh bread. All Redstone sauces and spreads are designed to go together with our pastas superbly.  We also carry a selection of plump Italian olives and other unique offerings like Black Truffle Sea Salt that can enhance the flavors of your dishes.

So go ahead and indulge in our versatile range of sauces and spreads!

Redstone Sauces, Spread, & Salsas

Here at Redstone, gourmet foods are the specialty!

Between our tapenades, mustards, pesto sauces, salsas and Cascina Marchesa products, we have covered everything you will need to create the delectable European gourmet meal you’ve always dreamt of. We carefully use traditional and time-tested recipes for our gourmet sauces and spreads. Our authentic Provencal tapenades are created by local chefs who have the experience and expertise of creating the genuine French flavor you long for.

However, we don’t just carry these tapenades! Instead, our sauces and spreads encompass a wide variety including traditionally flavored mustards, fruit jams, French, Italian and Spanish condiments as well as spreads that go amazingly well with a crusty Italian bread. And that’s not all! We are actively working to enhance our product line-up to ensure that all your cooking needs are met perfectly here at RedStone.

So look no further, place your order for our gourmet sauces and spreads today! And whether you are cooking for yourself or for a whole gathering of friends and family, we guarantee that everyone will absolutely love the original flavors!

RedStone Condiments: Made With Love … And The Freshest, Juiciest Ingredients!

The Redstone Advantage promises you the use of only the freshest, highest quality produce and ingredients available.

Our extensive range of products is the result of our creative chefs, who continue to work hard to bring to you some of the most original flavors, without using additives pr preservative that end up altering the taste. That’s why our sauces and spreads are available in 8.5 oz resealable jars that should be refrigerated once opened.

Here at Redstone, we are quite proud of our ever growing line of distinctive salsas, sauces and spreads. We hope you also enjoy our exclusive products. Go ahead and place an order today to take pleasure in our extensive collection of condiments and garnish your dishes with your favorite sauces!

Bringing You the Taste of Exclusive Luxury with Cascina Marchesa

The Cascina Marchesa products are “The Personification of Italian Luxury in a Bottle”. And we bring them to USA for you to enjoy. The jams and balsamic pesto represent the perfect balance of Italian old-world tradition and modern culinary brilliance. These definitely aren’t your kids’ jams!

The Cascina Marchesa products are truly representative of the authenticity and simplicity of Italian food that we adhere to at Redstone. These recipes don’t include the use of artificial flavorings and preservatives.

Redstone Sauces and Spreads: Delightful Party Savers Now Available!

Place your order right now on the website, or call us at (435) 628-1388 and we’ll help you make the best selection for yourself or for your friends. We look forward to serving you!