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Our Sea Salts are packaged in a resealable 2.5 volume ounce tin for your convenience and storage.

Salt! Who knew such a basic taste, could bring so many subtle surprises with it?

Here at Redstone, we go straight to the source to source the best sea salts of the world for your pleasure. These new and delicious seasonings are specialty products that can enhance the flavor of your dishes and impart a new texture and uniqueness that will be well-received by your taste buds!

Sample the Amazing Redstone Specialty Sea Salts

The right salt can make a world of difference. Whether used for salting those French fries or as a finishing for a gourmet dish, our sea salts can add color, flavor and unique textures to your dishes. These sea salts are pure, natural ingredients without preservatives, and with a dose of trace minerals to make sure that your cooking doesn’t only look and taste better but is actually a lot healthier as a result of using our Sea Salts. So go ahead and get creative! These Sea Salts pack a ton of flavor and are preferred by chefs and cooks all over the global food industry.

Here at Redstone, we love the interplay between our salts and food. With a bit of experimentation, you too can find the perfect salt that can elevate the taste of your dishes and awaken the palate. These premium gourmet sea salts have unique mineral content, crystal structures, colors and different grain sizes too. Take your pick from our offerings above and the wow factor to your culinary adventures.

The Redstone Advantage: A World of Taste Awaits You!

Himalayan Pink Salt is perfect for adding a bit of graphic drama to your dishes. Its lovely pink color is indicative of its mineral content making it quite healthy as well. The Applewood Smoked Salt adds a perfectly crisp smokiness to your dishes. No cooking fanatic can call their pantry complete without these two.

The Redstone Sea Salts are available in 2 ounce re-sealable bags and are an easy and affordable option to add a variety to your salt collection. Refill your salt mills or keep them handy for kitchen use, our re-sealable bags guarantee the freshness of your seal salts for a long time.

These gourmet Sea Salts can also be the perfect gift for that amazing cook in your life. Just call us up at 435-628-1388 to order a customized gift pack or to get expert guidance on selecting the best Sea Salts for your tastes!
Place your order today and enjoy the best quality gourmet sea salts at the amazing prices!