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Our Spice Blends are sold in a 2.5 volume weight resealable magnetic tin for your convenience.

The tin’s are magnetic and will conveniently stick to your fridge for easy access.

We have been working with Spice and Herb Blends for over a decade

Here at Redstone, we strongly believe in the power of herbs and spices to truly transform a dish and give you the status of a decorated chef among your friends and family! And that’s not all! We realize that the quality herbs and spices also go a long way in enhancing health, well being and quality of life. We know just how to preserve them to retain the unique flavors, using ancient knowledge as well modern day techniques. All our spices are all made by us in house. And we can even customize some of Herb and Spice Blends to better suit your discerned tastes.

Mixing spices is an exact science and a vital skill for cooking enthusiasts

Redstone Spice Blends take the guesswork out of your cooking and give you access to traditional tastes and authentic seasonings from the world over. Whether you need a fiery BBQ spice blend or some delicious French spices, look no further than Redstone Spice Blends!
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Go On a Majestic Adventure with the Finest Redstone Spice Blends

A dash of one of our Herbs or Spice Blends, and you can turn the simplest meal into an international culinary escapade. And to top it off, these spices are just as healthy as they are tasty. We ensure complete safety and cleanliness during their handling and packaging.

These are pretty easy to use as well

Use them as a rubs, marinates or to lightly flavor meats and even veggies and enjoy distinctive new flavors in your kitchen. Sprinkle them on your salads, or add a bit of spicy passion to your potatoes, roasts and pastas. Our Spice Blends are guaranteed to tantalize and tease your taste buds and leave them asking for more!

The Redstone Advantage: Unique and Aromatic Spice Blends

All our Herb and Spice blends are sold in 2 ounce re-sealable bags because that is how a majority of our customers like to buy them. This convenient packaging ensures that you can easily create your own spice blend collection at great prices, courtesy of Redstone.

We are constantly adding new and creative products to our Spice Blend line, so we can continue to meet your needs for multi-cultural and traditional seasonings. The completely natural and preservative free products are created to be a part of simple, healthy and delicious meals. So go ahead and experiment, and create new recipes and share some tasteful fun with your family and friends.

These spice blends also make a great gift for the culinary experts and experimenters in your life. Call us at 435-628-1388 and our assistants will guide you to creating an amazing gift basket with Redstone products. They can also point you towards selecting the best products for your tastes.
We are standing by for your orders!