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Take your pick from our exquisitely chosen selection of stuffed olives, or order them all for a truly memorable party. Open a bottle, sit back and enjoy the aromas of warm summer nights in Andalucía. These will become a fast favorite for you, your family, as well as friends.

Redstone Olives

Let us take you in a journey into a world of delectable table olives brought to your Redstone. We present a unique line-up of whole olives, pickled in a variety of seasonings. Take your pick, and indulge in a world of taste and aroma.
These are NOT your usual supermarket, over salted, bland olives in a bottle! Instead our selection brings you flavorful, firm and scrumptious offerings that’ll have you eating straight from the bottle. Just chop them up to add a kick to your salads, add them to your favorite recipes or simply serve them as hors d’oeuvres and leave your guests wanting for more. The Redstone selection of olives also works great during the cocktail hour!

Our Promise of Taste & Quality: Delivered!

We use old processes, enhanced by modern technology and made safer by state-of-the-art microbiology techniques, to make these stuffed olives. Our customers have come to count on Redstone for consistency and quality and that is exactly what we deliver with these products, ensuring complete safety from the tree to our store and on to your homes.
Our olives are hand-picked, patiently cured for weeks and then hand-stuffed with your favorites brining you a wealth of taste and health.

Available in multiple varieties, these wonderful olives impart a sublime taste. Place an order now, enjoy them yourself or give someone you love the gift of deliciousness!

Add Sophistication & Taste To Cocktails and Parties!

These products are perfect as appetizers for that special celebration or just the thing for times when you need a tasty late night snack without overloading on the calories!

We specialize in multiple varieties of stuffed olives that range from the zesty lemon stuffed olives to the very Italian sun-dried tomato stuffed olives. If you want two times the surprise why not try the double-whammy of garlic and jalapeno double-stuffed olives. Our gourmet olives are the best you can buy… online or in-store! Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that all of our selection goes amazingly well with cold meats or with any other selection of anti-pasti.

Place your order today!

You can order right here from our website or call us at (435) 628-1388. We’ll help you make the perfect selection and can also create customized gifts using these products.