EVOO Beauty

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Skin Care Product Checklist

Our mission is to make you beautiful, inside and out, while being environmentally aware, which is why our products are COMPLETELY FREE of:

  • Preservatives
  • Artificial coloring & dyes
  • Filler oils
  • Sodium laurel sulfate
  • Palm, coconut, or other environmentally unfriendly products
  • Chemical fragrances
  • Chemicals or synthetics
  • Refined oils
  • Animal products
  • BPA

So how do we make such an incredible & hypoallergenic product? Our products:

  • Use 100% essential botanical oils for fragrance
  • Contain naturally derived Vitamin E & A from UP® Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Contain UP® Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the first ingredient
  • Are NEVER tested on animals