Committed to Quality Foodies Gift Pack
Committed to Quality Foodies Gift Pack $42.97
Discover the ultimate treat or gift for your beloved foodie - the Committed to Quality Foodies Gift Pack! It features our Ultra Premium Olive Oils and aged Balsamic Vinegars, sure to delight their senses. Plus, be inspired by our top-selling products and an included recipe! Flavors included Tuscan Herb Olive Oil (fused with Rosemary, Garlic, Thyme, Basil and Tomato Leaf) Cranberry Pear White Balsamic (aged 12 years) Garlic Olive Oil (infused with fresh garlic) or Blood Orange (fused with fresh oranges) Traditional Dark Balsamic Vinegar (aged 18 years) Herbes de Provence Olive Oil (infused with Lavender, Fennel, and Savory) Apricot White Balsamic (aged 12 years)   Each bottle is 60 mL or 2.02 ounces
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I Bloody Love Cooking Slate Charcuterie Board I Bloody Love Cooking Slate Charcuterie Board
I Bloody Love Cooking Slate Charcuterie Board $15.97 $18.00
Give your favorite avid cook a gift that will let them proclaim their love for cooking with the 'I Bloody Love Cooking' Slate Charcuterie Board. The 'I Bloody Love Cooking' Slate Charcuterie Board is the perfect choice of birthday present, holiday gift, Mother's Day gift or Father's Day present for that special someone who loves spending time in the kitchen.  I Bloody Love Cooking Slate Board Makes a great charcuterie board especially when you have guests over to show then how much you love cooking! Made from: Slate, rustic natural edge with rubber feet. Contains natural imperfections. Not dishwasher safe, hand wipe only. Dimensions 11.8 l x 7.87 w x .5 h inchesWeight2.21 lb
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Charcuterie Board Live Edge Charcuterie Board Live Edge
Charcuterie Board Live Edge $23.97 $25.97
Natural paulownia composition invites rustic charm on any table placed. This serving tray is made from natural material and therefore each piece is unique and there are no two same pieces. This wooden bark rectangular serving board is also a great idea to use as a cutting board. its an excellent center piece for your coffee table or ottoman. It adds a nice rustic touch to your table setting. Charcuterie Board Live Edge Dimensions 16 l x 9 w x 1 h inches 2.5 lbs
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MINOX FUSTI 3 LTR. W / STAND & SPIGOT $67.97 $85.00
This beautiful Italian-made stainless steel NSF-rated fusti is very easy to clean and can be used for olive oil, as well as for liquids such as vinegar, wine, milk, or other oils. MINOX FUSTI  3 LTR. W / STAND & SPIGOT It has an airtight screw-down lid and comfortable handles at the top and a stainless steel spigot. This is the best way to keep olive oil as fresh as possible by protecting it from light and from oxygen exposure. The fusti can be topped off with inert gas in small spray cans to further minimize oxidation. Black plastic stand included. 3L is an ideal size for personal use and a great way to save money by buying oil in bulk. All stainless Steel Includes Stainless Steel Spigot Ideal for dispensing Oil, Vinegar, Wine, Water, etc Made in Italy. Food Grade and NSF certified. Care & Dimensions Inside your fusti container is a large white-colored O-ring which should be fitted onto the lid with the flat surface facing outward (away from the lid). Always wash your fusti thoroughly between uses and allow it to completely dry before refilling.  Cleaning procedures: Wash your stainless steel fusti (including lid, plug, spigot and rubber O-rings) thoroughly before use with hot water and baking soda. Do NOT use soap as it will leave behind unwanted residue. Remember to rinse well to avoid having any flavors left behind in your next use. Dimensions: 177mm x 184mm or 7”W x 7.25”H -- Tap 1/2"
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Italian Tuscan Collection
Italian Tuscan Collection $60.97 $63.97
Savor the unique flavors of Italy with our beautifully packaged Italian Collection. It's more than just a gift; it's an introduction to exquisite culinary masterpieces that can be enjoyed with these essential staples and presented in a durable Seagrass Metal Wire basket that you can use again and again. A classic combination of our best-selling Tuscan Herb Olive Oil, Traditional 18-Year Aged Balsamic Vinegar, 2 pour spouts, a dipping dish, and hand-made Tuscan Herb Spice Blend. Outside measurements including bow 18 h x 9 w. Bow color may vary. Italian Tuscan Collection  
Pineapple Colada kit with recipe
Pineapple Colada kit with recipe $15.57
This Pineapple Colada kit is refreshing, made with your fresh or canned pineapple, a little tropical with coconut balsamic, and salty with a touch of vanilla sea salt, this simple snack is easy and delicious!  Recipe included. Pineapple Colada kit with recipe