Move over, charcuterie - 'seacuterie' is here!

Move over, charcuterie - 'seacuterie' is here!

In 2022, you couldn't miss seeing a charcuterie board at every social event allowing your guests to snack socially as soon as they arrive.  In 2023, party trends are changing to new ideas and choices like the 'seacuterie' boards.

Here is how to make one:

Choose your surface.  Clean contemporary boards and trays allow your food choices to take center stage.

Select your seafood. Five or so different items to feature.  This will give depth and texture to the look of the display.  If it sounds expensive... try selecting fish like salmon, tuna, spreads, or sardines.  Some item ideas could include mussels, crab cakes, fresh catch of the day from your local pier, or oysters.

Seafood Charcuterie Board

Time to prepare.  Cut items into bite-size pieces, keeping them refrigerated until time to display.  Arrange the seafood items in different spaces on the board. Fill in with dipping dishes of Redstone olive oils, balsamic vinegar, stuffed olives, infused salts, spice blends, and sugars.  Use crackers, fruit slices, and fresh veggies like grape tomatoes, lemon wedges, fresh dill, and candied ginger.

Trust yourself, get creative, and have FUN !




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