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Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Mild) Crush October 2023
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Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Mild) Crush October 2023 IOO575MM23

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Discover the exceptional quality of California Picual Olive Oil, harvested from groves in Esparto, California, Yolo County. This small batch of olive oil is made from the finest, exceedingly green fruit, which is delicately harvested to preserve its bold fruity aromas and exemplary chemistry. You can trust the HIGH Dag score of 98.3 out of 100 of this oil, which is a testament to the perfect condition of the fruit and the dedication of the skilled artisans who made it. Moreover, the antioxidant-squalene content is remarkably high, which means you'll receive a wealth of health benefits when you enjoy this oil. Taste the notes of green banana and stone fruit and experience the unmatched quality of this California Picual Olive Oil.

Country: California Pic-wall

Crush: October 2023

Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Mild) Crush May 2023

Biophenols: 236.76 ppm
FFA:  0.09
Oleic Acid: 77.18
Peroxide: 4.31
DAGs: 98.3
PPP: <0.6
Squalene: 12,202.6
A-Tocopherols: 400.0
 Smoke Point: 413 F

*** See Nutrition Tab for decoding