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Orange Cinnamon Roll

Share a moment of something fun during camping.  Delish and sweet.

Orange Cinnamon Roll

Adding the little bit of olive oil really increases the moisture and softness to the cinnamon roll.  If you want to really sweeten it up, after cooking, and drizzling the frosting, dash a bit of Redstone Cara Cara Orange Vanilla balsamic on the top.



  1. Hollow out the oranges by cutting a 2 ” circle out of the top and then used a spoon to scoop out the orange.
  2. Put one cinnamon roll in each orange, drizzle with 1/2 teaspoon olive oil and put the cap back on.  Repeat
  3. Wrap each orange in foil.  (wrap from the bottom up, so that the excess foil could be bunched up into a little handle)
  4. Put to right into the coals or onto the BBQ grill.
  5. Cook about 12 minutes but depends on your heat.
  6. When piping hot, remove from heat, open orange lid and drizzle the frosting included in the can on top.
  7. Optional: Dash a bit of balsamic on top.

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