Citrus Orchard Spice Blend


Citrus Orchard Spice Blend


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Elevate your cooking with our Citrus Orchard Spice Blend. This zesty mix transforms typical chicken and fish dishes into citrusy delights. Ideal for jerk chicken marinade or citrus grill seasoning. Enjoy tender chicken fajita, grilled to perfection.

- Elevate poultry: Ideal chicken fajita and jerk chicken marinade.
- Zesty fish dishes: McCormick-level fish seasoning alternative.
- Authentic Lea and Perrins style.
- The ultimate grill companion: citrus grill brightening.

Best Citrus Orchard Spice Blend

Packaged in a reusable 2.0 v.w screw top tin


Dill, lemon, thyme, lemon verbena, salt, pepper,

cilantro, citric acid, garlic, onion, olive leaf.

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