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fused & infused olive oils

Fused & Infused Olive Oils

Fused And Infused Olive Oils

No two olive oils can really be alike. Olive oil is a unique product that can vary because of its individual processing methods, soil, climate and types of olive used in its production. Olive oils can be fruity, flowery, nutty, spicy or mild and delicate. But then there are two completely different ways to create even more varieties of olive oil. Fused and infused olive oils taste great which offer a huge range of flavors to ensure that your recipes turn out amazing.

Our fused & infused olive oils present a wide range of flavors that are delicious, fresh and perfect for everyday use.

Redstone’s Fused Olive Oils

Fused olive oils are a rare delicacy, created in a fusion process known as “agrimato”. The process is quite simple; olives are pressed together with the fruit or herb. This creates a lovely harmony of taste that brings forth the unique flavor of the fruit without deteriorating the taste profile of the oil.

Ripe, freshly picked olives make for great companions to fresh herbs and fruits, making our perfect fused oil combinations possible. From Blood Orange to Lemon fused olive oil, we have it all. Redstone’s fused olive oils feature bold, refreshing flavors which are perfect for baking, marinating and even sprinkling onto your salads to make them more appetizing with a fresh, delicious flavor. Read more HERE

Redstone’s Infused Olive Oils

We offer the finest infused olive oils create by adding unique new flavors to the oil AFTER it’s been extracted. Dried herbs, spices, and other flavor combinations are added to the first press Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then left in there for a long time. This properly infuses the olive oil with the flavors; however the process happens slowly which takes quite a lot of time.

These oils are perfect for marinating meat, cooking and pouring over salad. Or you can simply dip your bread and enjoy the full flavorsome infused olive oils offered by Redstone. Our most popular infused oil is the Organic Tuscan Herb Olive Oil. It’s the perfect amalgamation of all the flavors of basil, rosemary, garlic & tomato leaf perfectly complimented by our olive oils.

The Redstone Advantage

Here at Redstone we ensure that our olive oils use only the freshest, ripest fruit collected in any harvest. Our olives are picked, crushed, packaged and shipped to us within 3 hours of harvest to ensure their freshness.

This means that the Redstone fused & infused olive oils are not only great to taste but also healthy to eat with high anti oxidant counts as well as good fats. And the huge variety guarantees that no matter which oil you choose, you’ll love it!

Ordering is simple and easy. Just take your pick of our fused & infused olive oils from above or give us a call and we’ll assist you in making a choice or for creating customized gift packages. The phone number is 435-628-1388, and we look forward to hearing from you.