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  • Tex Mex Green Chili Soup

    Tex Mex Green Chili Soup is warm, hearty, and simple to make. 

    Baklouti Green Chili Olive Oil - From the Barbary Coast of North Africa, the rare and unique Tunisian Baklouti pepper is an award winning fused oil.

  • Chipotle Olive Oil Raspberry Balsamic Chicken

    Perk up your grilling options with sweet raspberry balsamic chicken glaze and smoky chipotle olive oil flavor. Ingredients: Glaze 1/4 cup Redston...
  • Spicy Cilantro Tacos

    Great Tacos for all. The absolute best taco meat you can make at home. Perfect for nachos, salads, or even burritos. So easy and good, you will never use store-bought seasoning again.
  • Chicken Citrus Piccata

    A simple meal for any day of the week yet elegant enough to serve when entertaining.  We've gone back to the basics for this delicious version of ...
  • Pesto Balsamic Dressing

    PESTO BALSAMIC DRESSING Don't stop with this as just a dressing, try marinating chicken breasts! Impress your family and friends when entertaining the EASY way!  It is super quick to prepare this dressing or marinade before your special day arrives.

  • Tarragon Garlic Chicken

    Tarragon Garlic Chicken is juicy and tender chicken breasts, simmered in a flavorful and creamy tarragon sauce with a hint of garlic is an easy weekday meal.
  • Balsamic Tangy BBQ Sauce

    This Balsamic Tangy BBQ sauce can be made ahead of time and refrigerated for at least a week before using. We used the sauce on chicken, but we are totally grilling up some pork next time.
  • Creamy Tuscan Herb Chicken

    Creamy Tuscan Herb Chicken MOST POPULAR!

    Our Tuscan Herb Infused Olive Oil is warm and herbaceous.

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